best earphones under 1000

Earphones are all you need in your daily life with done are wireless and wired, here I am giving you the list of top best selling earphones under 1000 ₹. With the numbering don’t judge the Ranking it just numbers.

  1. Boat Rockerz 255F Pro Bluetooth Headset
    This is best wireless earphones under 1000
    It offers you fast charging and battery also lasts up to 6 hours. Usually, it’s the price is 1500 but by tracking with price tracker you can easily get it in 1000. If you like bass then this offers you the best bass with almost 90% noise cancellation with a 1 year warranty.
    Link- Amazon

2.Sennheiser CX213 wired
Sennheiser is the best option available in the earphones market it offers you the best sound quality with very good noise cancellation, the only problem with this type of earphones is wire is not very stiff.
Also, the mic is not available So if you need mic then you need to pay 500-600 extra for same earphones. Sennheiser offers you a warranty of 2 years which is far better than any other option available. The price of this earphone is ₹800 but you can track with price tracker for getting it low cost.
Link –Amazon

  1. JBL C150SI Wired Headset
    JBL offers the best sound quality along with base also mic is also given to you with google Voice assistant. the best feature about these earphones is an angled design which makes it more comfortable to fit in your ear.
    JBL is giving you a 1-year Warranty. The price of this earphone is ₹800.
    Link – Amazon

4.Boat BassHeads 100 Wired Headset
This earphone this offers good sound quality.first of all I must say don’t but this product at 700 or 800 prices the actual price of this product is 400 or less you can easily track it by Pricetracker.
Although that is a good product within its range with good bass.
Length cable of wire is 1.5m with an inline microphone.
Link- Amazon

  1. Sony 310AP Wired Headset
    if you are looking for Headphone under 1000 then this will be best by Sony at such cost
    Comfortable foldable design with 3.5 mm jack and mic for call purposes and with lightweight you can wear it by going anywhere Sound cancellation is good. The Price range of this about 950 INR.
    Link- Flipkart

6.Sony ZX110A Wired Headset
This Headphone offers you the sound quality of sony with comfortable design with a cord length of 1.2m but the problem is that with it doesn’t have a mic so if you need you to have to go with the above option price difference is about 200 INR i.e 700 INR.It also gives the 1-year Warranty all over a good product within this price.

7.Boult Audio AirBass Monopod Bluetooth Headset
This is something new or for calling purpose Bluetooth device which gives you a battery life about 10 hours with a charging time of 2 hours. The range of Bluetooth is about 10 m. The amazing thing about this product it is Waterproof and offers you 3D acoustic sound. Mostly these types of devices are more useful for people who like talking for long hours so this is the best device for you within this price range.1 Year Warranty is associated with the product. The Price Range of this product is 700 – 800 INR
Link – Amazon

8.Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra deep bass and mic
Mi never fails to give their product in any price range so this earphone is for you if you are looking for fine requirements also in the budget of under 500 the price of this product is 400 INR. Warranty of 6 months which is very useful to you in case your one earplug stopped working MI replace your product with the new ones noise cancellation is not so good not bad sound quality is ok within this price range.
Link – Flipkart

  1. boAt BassHeads 182 Wired Headset
    if you have a problem that your wired earphone gets broken out due to not strong wire then this earphone is for you with a tangible wire they offer you a durable cable with extra Bass and Metallic Earbuds Along with 1 Year Warranty. The Price for this earphone is about 500 -700 you can track it on Pricetracker.
    Link- Flipkart

10.JBL T160 Wired Headset
This device is also a good choice for the durable wire quality and JBL pure Bass sound noise cancellation of this device is ok. Comfortable to use,1 Year of Warranty assures that earphones work for 1 Year. The Price Range of this product is 700.

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